Been awhile

October 21, 2010

So much has happened since my last post in July.  We looked at more houses than we cared to, even tried to buy a couple, but ended up not working out do to title issues and another for a CRAZY lady selling the house.  You wouldn’t believe me if I told you some of the things this lady said or did during the couple of weeks we tried to buy her house.  We were bummed, but in a good place having our house sold and living with my parents who were totally supportive and understanding.  Then we finally came to buy the house we currently live in late August of this year.  It’s crazy how things work out. Maybe I’ll save that for another post, but all the crazy experiences that lead up to that point seemed unrelated until now.  Now we realize that this is where we were suppose to be and those weird happenings helped us get there 🙂  Shortly after moving in my computer went kaput and then I really got behind on blogging!! And emails and keeping up with other blogs, etc……  Honestly, I think the main reason for my lack of blogging is that our current situation is one that I cannot share about freely on here.  If you don’t already know, we are a foster family and currently have 2 princesses living in our home.  My mind and heart have taken a beating trying to process through our situation and trying to figure out what God wants from us and for us.  It is one of the hardest things I have ever had to deal with, but also one of the biggest blessings our family will ever know.  I hope to get back in the habit of blogging.  I so love reading others blogs and want to contribute.  I may be posting randomly and not in order, but it’s better than no post at all, right?!  Much love to all my bloggy friends!!!


One Response to “Been awhile”

  1. Kat Says:

    are you in the NLR?! Congrats on the move!

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